The Apex, created and operated two individuals who rarely agree on much more than their passion for racing, embodies the fusion of two unique but complementary skill sets. Aaron Durant and Ben Hinc merged former entities they headed to create and launch The Apex in November 2015.

Durant is a senior in high school managing The Apex as editor-in-chief as he works toward a career in motorsports journalism. Hinc handles the business and technical aspects of the website as executive editor. Both are driven to produce superior content and make racing fans reconsider how they keep up with their favorite championships and events.

Responsive Design

Forward Thinking

Superior Quality

Responsive Design

Whether accessed from a mobile device, tablet or traditional desktop, The Apex delivers the best possible experience on every platform. A clean and uncluttered design allows for a superior reading environment where the article itself is the focus.

On devices where data is often at a premium and speediness is key, The Apex utilizes an innovative mobile theme that simplifies pages for faster loading — yet sacrifices nothing in the process. Thanks to a design thoughtfully laid out for smaller-screened devices featuring the native iOS and Android system fonts, The Apex’s mobile theme behaves more like an app than a website.

The look and feel of The Apex on all devices makes for an experience unmatched by any other motorsports news website.

Forward Thinking


The Apex values a wider array of platforms than the typical motorsports news publication. From Apple’s News app in iOS 10 to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), The Apex’s content is featured in the latest and most prominent formats available today. And with The Braking Point podcast, The Apex’s Durant and Hinc are able to turn their passion for racing and covering it well into a weekly show.

Embracing the latest technology is an essential part of The Apex’s approach to bringing the full breadth of motorsports to its audience. While written word forms the basis of the website’s coverage, The Braking Point allows The Apex to reach those who prefer to listen either as supplement or perhaps as their only conduit to racing coverage.

Making our content available on new and growing platforms like Apple News, AMP and major podcast directories ensures that The Apex is focused on the future of content delivery.

Superior Quality


The Apex’s commitment to quality is unparalleled. Adherence to the standards laid out by the Associated Press stands at the core of the website’s approach to journalism. Clearly written articles with proper punctuation and formatting are the rule rather than the exception.

Superior articles demand excellence wherever they appear. The Apex takes pride in a social media presence that is a step above any other. Tweets and Facebook posts are treated not as simple promotional tools but as extensions of the articles themselves and are crafted with the utmost precision and care. And you’ll never be left in the dark when laps are being turned thanks to our exceptional focus on live updates on Twitter in a clean, consistent format that’s been developed by The Apex and its predecessors over the past three years.

Motorsports journalism too often prioritizes speed and sensationalism at the expense of quality and accuracy. The Apex aims to chart a different path.

Where You Come In

You are under no requirement to settle for poor coverage of your favorite forms of racing. Other websites may be breaking the biggest stories in North American open-wheel and sports car racing, but they lack everything else that The Apex brings to the table. They publish content littered with mistakes that simply wouldn’t pass through the filter here at The Apex. They would rather show you their ads than direct your eyes to their weak writing and they definitely aren’t in the business of keeping you up to speed through a purposeful use of social media.

With your support, The Apex can grow into a publication that leads on more fronts than design and quality. We’re looking to prove that there’s a better way and are driven to publish breaking news ourselves.

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Another area where The Apex shines is personability. If you comment on one of our articles or send us a tweet, you can expect us to get back to you very quickly. And if you write us an email, we’ll have a full response sent your way in almost no time. The Apex contrasts other motorsports news websites and the journalists behind them in that we’re always here to hear from you and eager to respond.

Please head to the Write for The Apex page if interested in joining the team. For all other inquiries, please use the form on our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.